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Past and present come alive in Cobden home tour

Universal design does not have to mean sacrificing aesthetics. The McLaren’s home is comfortable and well-appointed, with cork flooring in the bamboo kitchen and dark, restful bamboo floor in the dining and great rooms. Both materials, easily grown, are considered environmentally friendly.

The home is also energy efficient, with features like geothermal heating and a steel roof with a reflective coating to reduce heat load in the summer.

Within eyesight of the McLarens is the Lippert’s sprawling, grey-brick home at 13 Simmons St.

Built in 1994 on five acres, the home, like Mackey’s, is a collector’s paradise. Mildred Lippert has over 200 Barbie dolls for which she’s made elaborate outfits, including an RCMP uniform.




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