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Shengzhou bamboo become apple computer raw material

      Not long ago, the bamboo product Co., LTD. Good shengzhou to earn the gold key of the European and American market, the company has won the world forest management committee issued by the FSC certificate, has become a domestic business bamboo kitchen scope for bamboo weaving fabric FSC packaging and the certificate of the first enterprise, has become a apple, HP, asus and other international well-known enterprise cell of the computer.

      Shengzhou mountain area has the rich bamboo resources, area of 250000 mu. The good company general manager XieXiaoLiang tells a reporter, the bamboo is a kind of grass, with growing fast, easy process characteristics. In 2010, in Bonn, Germany,bamboo spoon forest protection center (the world's forest management committee) held a global 50 strong enterprise packaging meeting, a global call to try to use bamboo products. The company from the news to see the opportunity.

      The good company will bamboo fiber used in packing industry drawn out. The company technical personnel to tell a reporter, at ordinary times we are buying electronics will be found a cushion, its material is the use of foam or general made of paper,bamboo poles and now "the good" developing a new product, looks and general paper about, but it is with the bamboo material is made.

      For a in packing industry 10 years of company for, with bamboo fiber instead of pulp make packaging materials is not difficult, difficult is to let the bamboo packaging materials smoothly to enter the European and American market, have to through the FSC authentication. The forest management committee by the world for a set of forest authentication bamboo crafts standard system, the aim is to guarantee the assignments and management to forest more reasonable. According to introducing, from March 1, 2013 start, exported to Europe, the United States of bamboo products must through this authentication.

       In more than a year, the good company accepted the strict training and assessment, and eventually to earn a key to the European and American market, the bamboo tableware company hold this certificate is domestic only a business scope for bamboo weaving fabric packing and the FSC certificate. Success has this certificate, "the good" smoothly into the apple, HP, asus and other international well-known enterprise of computer cell, the bamboo values are so multiplied. At present, the company every month of bamboo fiber production has reached more than 100 tons, open the environmental protection science and technology and to the door of the global market.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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