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A bamboo hold up a party economy

      NanZhu emerald green hills, like bathing in the autumn wind; Bamboo shade within sound sound, birds chirping. "NanZhu" in hunan province TaoJiangXian bamboo resources. In recent years, taojiang county, the county government will develop bamboo industry as the important strategic measures by enriching people to grasp. "Through the mountain building base, with his factory, under the mountain outside the science and technology to develop market, bamboo kitchen  and high efficiency, January to September bamboo, the county revenue of 1.36 billion yuan, up by 20%; the per capita income 1200 yuan, bamboo accounts for about one-third of the per capita income." Taojiang county wei secretary HuangJin good introduced said.
Low to see results, and science and technology build rich way
      From 2001 to 2011, 10 years, from 600000 mu of bamboo taojiang increased to 920000 mu, make bamboo capacity from 088 million strains increase from 168 million to plants, the output value of bamboo from 600 million yuan to 2.5 billion yuan, bamboo forest imposition of a "green bank" worthy of the name.
      The more the good news is, the benefit is much higher than the growth area, the secret in where?
"Look at our lowly change, they know the answer........" County forestry bureau chief XiaoWen WuShui. The light peach demonstration centers in high mountain village bamboo forest, eyeful is layer of bamboo. "Bamboo forest after the transformation, the low yield per hectare in 200 strains of bamboo stand, at least more than a 20% increase, bamboo shoots production was greatly increased." The villagers high natural said. The year before last year before modification of low and high natural bamboo net income of less than $200 per hectare, bamboo spoon  last year he contracted 167 mu of bamboo, bamboo is light to sell more than 20 ten thousand yuan income. In typical demonstration drive, the "eleventh five-year plan" period, taojiang county has invested bamboo forest to low capital more than 6000 yuan, the transformation of low 200000 mu of bamboo forest, cultivate within several 100000 mu.
      A high natural and increasing the income of another big magic weapon is the NanZhu organic efficient special compound fertilizer, this is TaoJiangXian and hunan forest botanical garden of the joint development, the scientific research achievements in a year on average TaoJiangXian per bamboo forest multiple hsinchu 38 strains, bunches of bamboo under branch high growth more than 1 m, eyebrow diameter increase 1 cm.
      JingBian industry chain, ascension added value
      "Bamboo forest the cultivation of bamboo industry development has laid a foundation." TaoJiangXian county magistrate ShangRuiXiang is one of the things the most attention, is how to take the market as the guidance, and constantly extend the industrial chain,bamboo poles  the added value of the ascension, and bamboo industry.
      Since 2002, the taojiang bamboo industry gradually formed the factory production, scale. Bamboo veneer, bamboo floor, bamboo mat, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo food and related accessories industry, at present the bamboo industry cluster taojiang has a certain scale, including bamboo wood and bamboo mat production accounts for the more than ten percent of the total, at present, the county has developed scale above bamboo industrybamboo crafts enterprises home to more than 300, and production exceeding 2.5 billion RMB yuan.
      Rapid development of bamboo industry for local farmers brought great benefits. The original price of the bamboo from 2001 per one hundred jins 13 yuan up to now 52 yuan, 10 years tripled. Production cooperatives in hunan peach bamboo product is the first forestry cooperatives. President's luck xiang said that now has 345 members cooperatives, in addition to selling bamboo shoots and the original bamboo income, membership in the following nine cooperatives summer sleeping mat factory do seasonal Labour, and the per capita net income of 20000 yuan of above. At present, the county of bamboo industry to relocate the rural labor forcebamboo tableware more than 150000 people, and bring in more than 30000 farmers original bamboo production and bamboo production semi-finished products processing.
      The original bamboo prices DaoBi the bamboo industry development upgrade. Peach industry limited company is a an annual value of more than 7000 bamboo floor production enterprise. The chairman XueZhiCheng introduced said, with the original bamboo price hikes, in improving the utilization efficiency of the bamboo science and technology innovation, there is a lot of kung fu, now, they in bamboo floor production of bamboo in the utilization of the whole increased by 30%, the pure dig technology make floor size error only hair size.
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