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Bamboo production processing drive hill farmers to get rich

      Lu bird yuhang district town is the key bamboo township, the bamboo cultivation processing has a long history, especially in recent years the whole town and pay high attention to the development of bamboo, built the base, helped bibcock,bamboo kitchen  promote processing, to develop market, bamboo forest cultivation area expands unceasingly, continuously improve the yield, bamboo production processing in recent years the town has become a pillar industry, the whole town has bamboo forest area of 26000 mu, in about 1.8 million teams in bamboo, the price also by original 24 yuan each bear increased to $39 every bear, the increase in the price of the bamboo farmers to improve the raise bamboo enthusiasm, ecological environment and fully improved. In order to further develop the town bamboo production industry, improve the added value of the bamboo resources, solve more surplus labor, and increasing the farmers' income, bamboo spoon  by the town ShanGouGou Linda bamboo production technology factory of bamboo product drawing production line for processing extension project, the first approved a project yuhang district, have recently been through the acceptance.
      Project in the original bamboo production on the basis of processing, and once again the investment of 738000 yuan RMB expansion bamboo product drawing processing production line, a total of 17 new bamboo production processing machinery sets, bamboo poles  which saw a 2 platform, broken machines, wood 2 sets of Taiwan 2 second blow molding machine, the machine one, points HuangJi 2 platform, drawing machine 3 groups, stainless steel pot 2 only, boiler and a set of equipment. NBSP; The project is now fully into production, generate economic benefits remarkably, one is to increase production, the production of bamboo every day with the amount of 20 tons of above, with bamboo than before the increased by 55%, bamboo crafts the second solution is part of the labor employment, the number of staff and workers from originally of more than 30 people to now more than 50 people, also drive the weaving processing dozens of door, three is to increase economic efficiency, the bamboo from originally of rough machining into finishing, improve the bamboo added value, project put into production can make annual output value the ascent to 9 million yuan, increased the value of 300 ten thousand yuan, the profit for ten thousand yuan more than 30. bamboo tableware In the enterprise increase economic benefit, and social benefit and ecological benefits also has been greatly improved, so that the mountainous area of the bamboo farmers the enthusiasm of bamboo get play, by farmers welcome.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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