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Bamboo production into shenzhen gift show new hot spot

      Our country is the most bamboo resource rich country, is worthy of the kingdom of bamboo, bamboo resource area and output in the world first, bamboo processing manufactured products are widely used in construction, household decoration, daily appliance and so on many domains.
      With the whole society to advocate green, environmental protection, low carbon life, bamboo, with its special growth cycle is short, low carbon and other characteristics, become the best choice of the era of environmental protection. On October 20, bamboo kitchen will be the opening of "the 19 th China (shenzhen) international toys and gifts exhibition", in 10 square meters of shenzhen convention and exhibition center has gathered numerous bamboo production enterprise, amid increasing bamboo product for commercial building Bridges of supply and demand.
      The popular new bamboo furniture, is to use bamboo's unique texture. Made of bamboo furniture hardness like hardwood, and won't crack, in primitive simplicity and aesthetic feeling. According to the perennial agent bamboo product dealer introduction, summer bamboo heat faster have ventilated effect, and can reduce the bacteria and insect pests breeding, is cool and refreshing and antipyretic bed is tasted, retail sales in recent years is rising.
      The exhibitors shenzhen reputation Yang gifts, will be on display in the show of domestic initiation bamboo charcoal last box, Chinese wind series, fresh lunch box. Etc. According to introducing, this series of products with unique type buzzer hives aperture structure, humidity automatic control function is released, can make the food in the equilibrium humidity conditions more lasting preservation; In addition, bamboo charcoal can also be easily absorbed by human body radiation wavelengths of far infrared ray and rich negative ion, use for a long time can enhance cell energy, and raise the body oxygen levels, improve circulation system and improve the disease resistance, and then delay it to becoming old. In advocate or condoned healthy today,bamboo spoon   bamboo charcoal gift has a strong competitive power.
      Shenzhen on gift show another innovation "bamboo window." that is, bamboo fiber products, is also stands out in recent years, through research and development of the perfect gradually, this kind of products are yet to mature, such as bamboo fiber material of bedding, domestic outfit ornaments already have mushroomed in the appears in the market, its natural material non-toxic, odour scent, recycled, be helpful for health of body and mind, is the symbol of green environmental protection.
ZhuMei group for this exhibition new stuff natural health pillow, the pillow series have extended treasure natural life pillow, natural sedative pillow, natural heart care pillow, natural flat liver Yang pillow, natural potential neck comfortable pillow, etc. Longevity treasure the pillow of bamboo charcoal process ancient Chinese tradition, and in its latest advanced science and technology on the basis of the improvement and innovation, can improve the modern and healthy sleep state.
      ZhuMei group new stuff natural health pillow, managed to traditional Chinese medicine health cultural, modern science and new materials sleep combine technologies. It USES natural bamboo charcoal, ms tomalin and memory cotton for filling, combined with human body engineering bump design, can keep with the most comfortable in cervical break, at the same time, through the moisture absorption, eliminate harmful substances beneficial and release of anion and far infrared ray and utility, can promote the blood circulation and metabolism, bamboo poles  improve sleep quality; At the same time has to protect cervical vertebra, activate cells, eliminate fatigue effects, and to hypertension, neurasthenia,  GengZhuiYan, periarthritis of shoulder and insomnia, wait for disease prevention and recovery have health care function, is the modern life the most environmental protection, the can provide health comfortable sleep environment, the most effective to tranquilize the nerves sleep bedding.
      ZhuMei "fushou treasure the pillow" series of products, according to the traditional Chinese medicine health and disease in the governance of the pharmacological, by ZhuMei group and the central military commission, health care professionals common research and development and into, its unique bump type design, accord with the principle of human body engineering, especially in the sleep state, can make the neck muscle relaxation, form the subtle traction intimacy. bamboo crafts The clinical verification of its health care and prevention of aging special functions.
      Our country bamboo rich resources, and planting coverage, the product cost compared with cheap, even if it is relatively conventional bamboo production commodity, such as chopsticks, KuaiLong, chopping block, mat, teacup cushion, curtain, etc, and bamboo floor, such as launched handicraft and so on, all have a wide variety of consumer groups and inviting the profit space, to show the world the anji bamboo, bamboo impression, bamboo tableware  nanjing anji haze bamboo industry &trade, nanjing satisfying spring, Hong Kong, the Vatican poem, Ellie well-known professional bamboo production enterprise home textile, etc, the latest product will perform, to seek more business opportunities.
      At present, the shenzhen gift show preparations are in an orderly way of, who gets official registered users when all can free admission, during the exhibition will also opened in the pearl river delta cities throughout the free bus, to be present 130000 buyers and the audience at home and abroad to provide high quality service, the comprehensive trigger autumn gift purchasing boom.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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