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Bamboo products export harvest additional surprises

        "Once the bamboo chopsticks export tax rebate rate raised from 5% to 6%, up from 11%. Chopsticks export industry itself is a small profit industry, bamboo kitchen  the export tax rebate rate of increase will reduce the cost of enterprise directly." A chopsticks industry association of relevant personage told reporters.
        The export tax rebate rate rise a few days ago, the ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation issued a circular, from August 1, adjustment of some commodities export drawback, decided to part of textiles, clothing export tax rebate rate increased to 13% from 11%, in addition, will be part of the bamboo product export tax rebate rate increased from 11% to. This is since our 2006 since the export tax rebate rate cut, the first increase the export tax rebate rate.
        According to information, improve the export tax rebate rate of bamboo plywood, bamboo involving MLB,   bamboo of disposable chopsticks, bamboo spoon  disposable bamboo sign, round round rods, BingGuo rods, pressure of the tongue. The personage inside course of study expresses, the export tax refund adjustment, part of the bamboo production among them is unexpected. Country to improve the export tax rebate rate of bamboo, bamboo production in China will no doubt positive export enterprise.
Reporters from China light industry in import/export to the chamber of commerce, the first half of our country export quantity for 34.68 million a bamboo production, 3.68% year-on-year drop; The amount of exports for 93.28 million us dollars, up 5.21%. Our country export decline in general bamboo production.
"Part of the bamboo products export drawback increase, foreign importers will take this opportunity to demand." The chopsticks industry association of relevant personage also told reporters. Each time the export tax rebate rate adjustment, can bring to the price of exports change, exporters and importers will price between game. Such as the export tax rebate rate cut, to reduce the cost pressure from exporters would propose price increases.
         Reporters in the interview to understand, since January 1, 2007, China's customs tariffs made a major adjustment, one of which will be independent of wood and rattan outside column eyes, adjusted the export of rattan no longer has a wood products related export policy of complicity. Since always, bamboo rattan products import tariff classification, mutatis mutandis, wood, bamboo production to export enterprise cause certain loss. According to the national macroeconomic regulation and control policy, in 2004 the export tax refund policy reform, the government cancelled wood drawback, designed to protect regeneration cycle long resources products. bamboo poles  In fact, bamboo is not under a national macroeconomic regulation and control of restrictive resources, expert introduction, bamboo forest resources is not synonymous with timber resources, the update process is continuous renewable. Bamboo growth cycle is short, easily with planting properties, such as general for five to six years. In fact, the first years bamboo can grow up to 2 meters. Different from the trees, bamboo natural growth six years later, if not cut down put into use, oneself will also lose their waste use value.
        Shenzhen development bamboo industry saw the movie "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" audience, I think will be as one of the great expanse of the screen the enchanted. Mountain lianshan, bamboo even bamboo, ma all is the silhouettes of swaying bamboo."Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" the picture in zhejiang spot anji, China's ten is the head of the town. Anji bamboo forest area of 1.05 million mu, the bamboo volume of 150 million plants, bamboo industry enterprises more than 2000, bamboo products sell well in southeast Asia and the European and American market, bamboo industry in China of the development of a window. Our country rich resources of the bamboo, bamboo production country is and export power. The sixth time, according to the national forest resource investigation and statistics, the existing bamboo forest area of 4.8426 million hectares, than the fifth inventory increase 631800 hectares. Fujian, jiangxi, zhejiang province area accounts for half of the bamboo forest.
        Thousands of woven bamboo only bamboo industry in China development of the most original picture, now bamboo industry is developing to become a bamboo crafts   sunrise industry of forestry in China. The reporter understands, daily consumption of green food make bamboo, bamboo tailored to become root, still have all sorts of unique bamboo handicrafts, seiko is chiselled will no longer do ordinary. Even more important, through science and technology innovation, and improve the content of science and technology, bamboo, bamboo leaves panels flavonoids, bamboo fiber yarn, bamboo charcoal, bamboo extract, a series of new product development the deep processing of bamboo new areas, improve the added value of the products, bamboo industry further shenzhen development.
        To further improve the export bamboo grass products quality and safety level, avoid the export of related products in our country was more damage, state quality inspection administration on the export of bamboo grass products production enterprise full implementation of registration management. This April 1, without the registration of the enterprise production bamboo grass products will not be allowed to export. The new policy of bamboo grass products not only the source of enterprise production control, process design, resource management, poisonous and harmful control, the production processing packaging process control, product storage,bamboo tableware  the strict request, but to export wood and wood furniture products must meet the input of market technical regulations and standards. Therefore, to complete registration export enterprise should not only to improve building etc hardware facilities, but also improve harmful organisms, poisonous and harmful material control and traceability management as the core of the quality management system. According to information, as of June 30, ningbo regions in 150 export bamboo grass products production enterprise have achieved success in the exit bamboo grass products production enterprise registration certificate, smoothly across export threshold.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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