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The bamboo production industry vigor 4 excessive

      Since last year, as the international financial crisis, the yuan continue to rise, the overseas technical trade measures the influence of unfavorable factors, wood products production enterprise is struggling in the trouble. The bamboo production enterprise through increased research investment, speed up the structure adjustment, the industry, the transformation and upgrading of products, the bamboo product industry vigor 4 excessive.
      As the designated supplier train plank light bamboo Co., LTD as early as in yulin financial crisis before, are keenly aware, the domestic high speed train emu quickly put on the market, as a train, with bamboo compound plank product enormous business opportunities. "High-speed train mainly to increase speed, speed and main requirement is to lose weight, bamboo kitchen so we and nanjing forestry university development cooperation with the new bamboo compound board, lose weight, 40% for us in industry competition won the advantage." Light margin deputy general manager XuGuoGen bamboo said, this year, light margin JiangLong industrial park in 4000 WanYuanXin into two emu bamboo parquet production line, this compound floor for enterprise to promote 8% of profits, once completed, for enterprises new sales 100 million yuan.
      "This ten thousand zhang mat is through the Japanese love guest company export to Japan market. Last year, the company has to Japanese exports account for 100000 pieces, mat Japan about half the market this year, the Japanese market has received an order for 60000 copies." In FengLi to bamboo production workshop, bamboo spoon  the company business manager by fudan told reporters, at present, there are about 300 tons a month of bamboo products through the wal-mart and other international companies are sold to all over the world.
      This performance benefit from scientific and technological innovation, since 2003, is located in the ZhaoGuZhen FengLi to company and scientific research colleges and universities cooperation, have introduced a series of bamboo, bamboo floor moth-proofing staining techniques, the research and development for the bamboo compound floor, 14 of the practical patent technology, firmly grasped wood products market power and initiative. Have the market, FengLi with local and the surrounding counties to more than 30000 bamboo farmer households established long supply and demand relation, to promote the bamboo production processing more than 1000 farmers and become rich.
      "The traditional industry need to ascend, cannot leave the optimization and adjustment of product structure." Face the international market, bamboo poles  and into the company officials think bamboo, bamboo is critical to the success of the development and utilization of the deep processing of transformation from rough machining, product from oneness of development to attend more. Adjustment, carried on the bamboo production line and into. Now, as the client has formed to the bamboo, bamboo weaving, cushion, "bamboo matt" bamboo handicrafts rich diversity such as management, product categories of 1000 many, exports to the United States, Japan and other 10 countries and regions.
      Moreover, the bamboo product production and processing, bamboo crafts there has been a waste treatment the difficult question, the bamboo into still investment more than 200 yuan implement comprehensive utilization feet makeshift waste projects, the development of a bamboo charcoal products production line. "Projects mainly use bamboo products production waste, annual consumption wood waste 50000 tons, can produce bamboo charcoal products 1800 tons, annual output value of 3 million yuan." The company controller introduces, the products are mainly sold to the Middle East countries for daily life as well as the raw material of the province mosquito-repellent incense enterprise is settled, production waste problem of pollution, and also to improve the comprehensive utilization of bamboo, effectively promote the forestry industry development and the farmers' income.
      According to statistics, at present, the city has bamboo production enterprise more than 110 families, with the light into FengLi lucid, xing, bamboo tableware and more than 10 factories to export bamboo products processing enterprise in the export trade reached 120 million yuan every year, and as many as 500 more outbound wood products batch, export market in Europe, America and southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, last year earn foreign exchange reach more than $2500.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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