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Year sales volume exceeds 500 million yuan southern home bamboo production popular

      For a few days more than 30 degrees Celsius temperature, let the citizens of deqing zhejiang province feel the breath of summer. And the weather of the fire and the southern home bamboo product market. Recently, the reporter in the southern home bamboo product market see, is hanging all over the stream of vehicle license plate logistics, bamboo kitchen the bamboo product of provinces and cities have customers to take delivery. According to introducing, this year the southern home market management of bamboo production peak season turnover will exceeds 500 million yuan.
      From the market management office to understand, in the market this year the manage door compared with last year has doubled to spare, and the size of the market is more and more big, the market is more rich variety also last year. Since the market business is hot, for the convenience of clients to wholesale markets, to weigh in place and forestry administration make out an invoice for 24 hours at a staff on duty in turn, greatly improve the working efficiency. This year, the south to promote national bamboo homes source wholesale market this goal as quickly as possible,bamboo spoon   to manage door taken from the rent, the cost price sale preferential policy, to attract buyers from all over the country to the purchase, also for 100 yuan/ton purchase rewards policies to encourage businesses do strong, guide consumption habit of the purchaser, the industry expand home south of the internal visibility. The higher bonus is to let these wholesalers are beaming, a famous mountains east of customers in the market with more than 40 tons of goods, got the nearly $5000 in prize money.
      "Le source" car cushion the boss XinXiaoLi told reporters, in the past bamboo product market just started, manage door a start all dare not backlog too much products production, but now flourishing business is like the door to all eat a sides,bamboo poles   now so many customers to come here, the goods are some shortage, and now many manage door work day after night production all too late. "This time last year, I only do the 1.5 million business,bamboo crafts  now that I have over 2 million, estimates that this year in July to the business end of season, sales can be up to 5 million."
      National bamboo production wholesale market positioning, make the southern home bamboo product market success broke through the local population bottleneck of deqing restrictions. "Next, the market will affect the development of the market a seasonal on the bottleneck of thinking", vice President QianZhiLiang told reporters, future will gradually lead the market towards the high added value of bamboo, bamboo floor, bamboo process furniture, bamboo tableware home textile and high-grade bamboo mat, such as cushion development direction.
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