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Made one hundred million yuan bamboo production enterprise

      "The New Year, I hope in the government at all levels and the banking sector, under the support of the enterprise bigger, achieve output, bamboo kitchen sales income one hundred million yuan." On January 20, city holley wood products Co., LTD. The chairman PengXiuJi voicing his desire of the dragon.
      This year at the age of 54 PengXiuJi the province xinhua no.2 printing factory is a common printing workers, 1985 years of shaoyang had been transferred to local labor service company, work less than three years, the company has run his business. In order to make a living, PengXiuJi show their entire stockpile 300 yuan, in industrial street leasing a small mill, and making the bench of desk and chair, and holds concurrently do lumber business, bamboo spoon  due to the heavy credit speak righteousness, after four years to fight, he has a minor celebrity in the industry. 1991 years SuiNingXian forestry administration and state forestry was established in LinZhu wood products company in the temple, engage him as the general manager of our company. The company in 1996 after the reform, and he has done in changsha and shaoyang leasing management, done trade agent, after more than 10 years of ups and downs in business and, in 2003, he has accumulated more abundant capital, and set out to start his own enterprise. In August,bamboo poles   his hand in the area of 50 mu purchase was the town, the founder of holley wood products Co., LTD. In all levels of government strongly support and he worked under management, enterprise quickly do big, currently has made this bamboo, bamboo ware, wood planks, holley's art technology and new bamboo willow four companies, enterprise products include chopstick, bamboo, bamboo wooden crafts, annatto furniture etc. Four series more than 50 varieties, most exported to Japan,bamboo crafts   and production of more than 8000 yuan, the hand be large taxpayer. Meanwhile, more than 200 people to solve the employment, leading to more than 2000 farmers in bamboo processing and planting.
      This year, facing the country develop culture industry this new opportunity, PengXiuJi and his new plan: well, such as bamboo chopstick in original products production at the same time, a new investment of 1000 yuan, expand to bamboo crafts and annatto furniture production, at the same time, new established the wood lane arts &crafts Co., LTD, bamboo tableware the development of shaoyang bamboo, wood, stone, porcelain and some other traditional culture industry, strongly mining native intangible cultural heritage, the enterprise shaoyang built intangible cultural heritage protection designated production base to realize enterprise output and sales income one hundred million yuan goal.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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