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Small bamboo production rushes out big market

      A few days ago, Bangkok, Thailand a bamboo product chizhou distributor and the bamboo Co., LTD on online salesman online exchanges, the company produces the disposable chopstick, day health food such as cutting chopsticks, sign was interested, and coming to visit us, to order products.
"Previously, we mainly mainly, in 2002 began doing export. In recent years, the company take give priority to with export, sale in domestic market, supplemented by direction of management, through the network marketing, to explore overseas markets."bamboo kitchen  The bamboo chizhou light of President of limited company of YanMingLiang tells a reporter, the bamboo production of bamboo product light now 70% realize the online sales, the company is producing chopsticks, bamboo sticks of more than 100 varieties already out of the rural, into metropolis, into the United States, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Italy and so on more than 30 countries and regions and domestic market in 2011, and sales income of 250 million yuan.
      The bright founded in your pool area bamboo archway town, 2005 in chizhou high and new technology industry development zone, the main production various specifications of the disposable chopstick, day cut health chopsticks, twin chopsticks, food sign, bamboo curtain, bamboo mat, bamboo handicrafts etc. After many years' management, the company has formed a around a complete industry chain, 20 companies in our city more drawing factory distribution of villages and towns. To improve the content of science and technology,bamboo spoon   2010 corporation and introduction and transformed article 10 standardized professional production line bamboo production, through the upgrade technology and has the advanced production technology and professional technical team. The company registered "jiuhua mountain" and "good mountain" brand series products are well received by customers at home and abroad independent wide praise.
      "In 2011 the bamboo on exports reached us $21 million, 2007 for four consecutive years since the one-off products in the export first in China. The company also was one of the five workers by development up to now five hundred more than person of scale." YanMingLiang introduced said, to better exploit overseas market, began in 2006, the light through international website bamboo channels, and for large and medium-sized college recruiting English, bamboo poles  international trade professional college graduates responsible and overseas customers online communication, sales business, now has 12 university graduate in the company is engaged in the online sales work.
      "I was responsible for the Japanese sales line, at present the main and three big customers by phone and E-mail and other forms of the exchange." ZhaoXiuJun graduated from anhui sino-australian institute of science and technology, bamboo crafts  in May this year the bamboo into light, she told the reporter, now every month to send to Japanese products with 10 to 12 container.
      "The company invested 20 million yuan annual capacity of 6 million tons of several of the light TangTian branch bamboo production line balancing already on 1 March 2011, the other was put into production investment of 30 million yuan on the Juan bridge company will put into production." YanMingLiang tells a reporter, the company will depend on the rich bamboo resources chizhou, always devotes to the development of high technology, bamboo tableware with bamboo township breath high quality, the high performance of green environmental protection bamboo products, including disposable chopstick, bamboo is the company "1025" during key product. To "1025" at the end, can achieve year total output value 500 million yuan, tax more than 3300 yuan.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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