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Zhang bamboo production implemented last year output value 2.2 billion yuan

      Reporters from in zhang town held recently yuhang district bamboo production industry association annual meeting is that, zhang town 2011 annual realize bamboo production output value 2.2 billion yuan, the bamboo has become rich hill farmers "satellites."
       In just the past year, the area bamboo production industry association with a variety of forms to service, take a good "bridge", and carry out a series of bamboo industry development of the work for.
To implement the brand strategy, and actively encourage enterprises for independent innovation, strengthen the development of new products and the protection of intellectual property rights. Bamboo production areas in industry and commerce yuhang branch association of industry and zhang town support, in August last year successful zhang "brand bamboo production collective trademark, the production of more than 20 series more than 200 varieties of bamboo products. "Treasure bamboo floor was named hangzhou famous brand product, bamboo poles famous trademarks," into "took the lead in the Europe product registration," movement "in 28 countries and regions register. Last year the association member enterprise declare bamboo product patent nearly 100 pieces, marks the zhang transformation and upgrading of bamboo products and promoting brands to step on to a new stage.
      Organization member enterprise take an active part in the Hong Kong international consumer goods fair ", "Shanghai international ground decorates material expo", "guangzhou fair" exhibition activity, further expand yuhang district bamboo products trade popularity. Bamboo production industry association in bamboo product area sales sales pattern innovation and promoting the development of electronic commerce, "YiShun bamboo" products all through the network marketing, for a new type of industry provide sample sales model, make bamboo product marketing all over the country and more than 20 countries and regions.
      At the same time, the area bamboo production industry association member enterprise organization to zhejiang university 50 training, to SuiChang visit learning the bamboo carbon industry development success experience, the organization more than 20 people to Japan study, understand the developed countries of the green bamboo product needs, make the students to broaden the way of thinking, update the concept, and to promote the quality, and thus use bamboo resources to develop green low carbon economy, to speed up the yuhang transformation and upgrading of bamboo industry.
      At present, bamboo production industry association members have area 67 enterprises, including the annual production value amount to one hundred million yuan of above provincial agriculture leading enterprise home 1 (double gun bamboo),bamboo crafts  30 million yuan of above provincial forestry (BND) leading enterprise two (into bamboo, JinZhuBao when floor), the municipal agriculture (BND) leading enterprise two (that JinZhuBao, bamboo floor), the district agriculture leading enterprise four (&fung, GaoYing, providence, rich sincere), give full play to the leading role in driving.
      In the future, bamboo production areas profession association rely on local resources advantage and bamboo culture creativity advantage, through various media increase product propaganda, ascension "zhang" brand bamboo production collective trademark influence, its bamboo the added value of the products.bamboo tableware JinZhuBao floor and zhejiang forestry university established production, study and research base of science and education, and to establish a bamboo product research and development center; PengGong bamboo product market is under preparation research and development center, and to further improve the scientific research, development and bamboo product competitive ability.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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