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Bamboo expo promote bamboo product profession market change

      Bamboo products exposition of country's at present only bamboo product as a professional exhibitions, in home ShouChang "complete bamboo household concept," exhibits covers bamboo qualitative material, structure of bamboo qualitative adornment material, bamboo, bamboo fiber products, daily necessities of bamboo qualitative chemical products, bamboo handicrafts, bamboo, wood, bamboo shoots food machinery and so on, is the enterprise new product launch and brand investment promotion the best platform for the exchange.
      Bamboo expo initiative "complete bamboo household" concept, the bamboo product for some large and medium-sized enterprise created to high-end market road conditions, make bamboo product only to satisfy some low-end before the client group turned to the high-end customer group market, has greatly improved the bamboo production enterprise of class, bamboo kitchen from the workshop to big business development, Shanghai bamboo expo fills up the domestic blank of bamboo product, catering to the needs of the emerging of the bamboo production industry, gather, integrated industry resources, for all types of bamboo production enterprise, dealers with a professional communication cooperation platform! For all kinds of enterprise that, for all kinds of bamboo of the expo held participating enterprises brought great benefits and opportunities for development, but also make the whole bamboo production undoubtedly exceed forward a big step.
      In July 2011, 3-5, Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center held bamboo expo, the new idea, the new product emerge in endlessly, in the show board wood, bamboo integrated timber is to force; Bamboo integrated furniture not drab, most exhibitors and dealers to the development direction of the bamboo product to have a clear understanding,bamboo spoon   for enterprise search for better development platform. Bamboo expo also let consumers for the bamboo household health life idea has more profound understanding, thus promote bamboo household consumption market in the share, change the bamboo household market direction.
      At the same time, bamboo expo opened up the bamboo product for the first time in the domestic market, in the current global economic crisis situation, let the market to the export of sale in domestic market, more and more enterprises that bamboo product the development direction of the final or in the domestic large market. But for the current domestic market, enterprise said, consumers to the bamboo furniture awareness is not deep enough,bamboo poles  especially on the bamboo household no overall intention, and bamboo expo in the idea of changing consumer but, catering to the needs of the market.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
Main Product:bamboo kitchen ,bamboo spoon ,bamboo poles
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