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Distribution can be played the culture brand bamboo production

      Our country has a long history of bamboo culture in China, the article, poem about bamboo, calligraphy, painting be numbered, emerge in endlessly. The name of the ancient poet and artist mostly written agreement of bamboo. Such as li bai, du fu, bai juyi, wang wei, han yu's, liu yuxi, li shangyin, LiHe, left them in a different environment and mood arias poetry of the bamboo.
      Now, in the wind of low carbon under the sway of, begin from 2010, the more popular bamboo culture. The Shanghai world expo, everywhere "bamboo" element: Samoa tropical flavor bamboo pavilion, bamboo fence, tao yuanming version 3 grade A natural scenic spot bamboo house...... awesome Vietnam, India, Indonesia hall is applied to bamboo elements; China's zhejiang museum has "bamboo cube" nickname, exterior made with bamboo, more abound jiangnan ZhongXiu exquisite beauty.
      Long-term since, bamboo in a variety of forms or widely use of, in addition to the bamboo, bamboo floor, bamboo, and bamboo stool, bamboo bed, household bamboo products, and with its modelling elegant, natural environmental protection, the use of safe and reliable, loved by the people. Bamboo products have the following a few big features:bamboo kitchen one is warm in winter and cool in summer, because of the bamboo natural characteristics, and its moisture absorption, absorption performance higher than wood. 2 it is bamboo has the tensile and compressive strength, flexural advantages, three is environmental protection, bamboo renewable, and use special glue stick in in again, to avoid the formaldehyde for the harm to human body, be beneficial to human body health.
      Bamboo product exhibition force in order to encourage people to bamboo culture urged a more comprehensive understanding and development of Chinese bamboo forest resources and economic bamboo, bamboo industry of China to go into the international market,
      Once led by industry leaders at the 2011 guangzhou international bamboo exhibition, March 2011 in guangzhou fair pazhou exhibition hall of bamboo industry exhibition held in May, 2010, in Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center held the first of bamboo expo, all in strongly advocated the bamboo culture. Organizers meticulous organization scenic area, scenic spots, tourism, investment, and other units participants to push China to a long history of bamboo culture spreading and development, and reshape bamboo,bamboo spoon   bamboo product industry at good public praise. The organizing committee in the show build large bamboo villa leisure life experience area, the transparence service of new fashion calm is said bamboo house, become a top bamboo building design beauty, and the popular element of bamboo in full each exhibition get present.
      Bamboo production condensing local culture is located in the northeast of hunan TaoJiangXian is China famous "bamboo township of", the county has eight hundred and ninety thousand mu of bamboo, accounting for nearly one third of the total area, of which ten thousand mu of bamboo forest above has more than 30 place. The suburban two kilometers in the county of the peach is the bamboo a single world emeralds. To the unique natural resources bamboo basis, melting, Buddhism and public sentiment in a furnace reduction of customs bamboo sea, has become the collection tourism, summer, recuperate, camping, holiday, scientific research as one of the tourist resort, every year attracts tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad to ten the tourism industry. In such a unique natural environment, the types of bamboo product has also become rich. In the tourism resource development at the same time, taojiang by bamboo processing developed all kinds of bamboo, bamboo flutes, ZhuXiao, bamboo, bamboo bed HuLeQi, bamboo chair, bamboo sofa beautiful and practical life supplies and arts and crafts. Woven bamboo, bamboo basket of exquisite of flying saucers, bamboo root is loved by most people.
      The kinds of bamboo products are increasing, gradually make the bamboo production processing production and yiyang management into the production, scientific research, travel three combination way, moved at a modern, scientific, the pace of the activities. First performance in the bamboo tree, transplantation and cultivation, due to the government's support, operators and scientific research units close cooperation with modern scientific technology, planting and bamboo.
      The bamboo products including taojiang: bamboo, bamboo flutes, ZhuXiao, bamboo, bamboo bed HuLeQi, bamboo chair, sofa, paper pulp, bamboo, furniture, mat, chopsticks, bamboo, bamboo floor, bamboo, TuZhi, handicrafts, bamboo charcoal,bamboo poles  bamboo shoots food and so on, more than 10 varieties series, more than 500 kinds of products. Bamboo economy has become a new economic growth point. Bamboo and bamboo products to the world, in recent years, more to strengthen the technical exchange with overseas, investment promotion, makes closer, the ZhongYu love one art, etc, ko, bamboo handicrafts enterprise products are go the internationalized route.
Expand the application field of bamboo products
      In the process of sale make bamboo culture purpose, is is to develop culture, but also for the development of production, the development of economy. Therefore, we must bamboo brand bigger. Let the bamboo products into the fabric of our life, we become the daily the indispensable part in life. In agriculture, bamboo can prepare all kinds of tools, such as grosses sieve, dustpan, broom, sun cushion etc. Will appear as a conduit through bamboo, for irrigation and water use; In water conservancy engineering, chopped bamboo into alemeth, into the stone cage, packed stones, surround in the shore used to prevent the bank flush, consolidate dam, reservoirs, the country such as famous in dujiangyan is widely used in water conservancy project; In the fishery production, bamboo is also widely use, from simple to complex instruments fishing gear, aquaculture brackets and floater are made with bamboo, fishing boats rack, mast, ChuanPeng, the ship is inseparable from the bamboo fence also; In landscape view, the use of bamboo is threatened by people's attention. Guangzhou rich musical sound bamboo landscape engineering Co., LTD. bamboo crafts Is the first landscape of ornamental bamboo design, construction, maintenance and return to purchase a dragon service; In edible, bamboo shoots is our country people's traditional species of vegetarian, bamboo shoots processing has become an important export industry in our country.
      The bamboo shoots contains many kinds of amino acid and trace elements, nutrition experts think the bamboo shoots is a natural health food, it fiber content, high fat content low, can promote gastrointestinal digestion and excretion, often feed bamboo shoots can reduce harmful substances in the body absorb stranded and, with cancer and the effect that reduce weight of.
      In People's Daily life, with various kinds of bamboo furniture and things made of accounting for a large proportion. Bamboo poles and the bamboo handicrafts have become an important export goods, ZhuHuang sculpture, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo bottles are screen well-known at home and abroad and crafts. Bamboo production application domain expansion, to the operation of the bamboo product is good.
Author:Ann JiFeng across ZhuYi dress
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