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China is the world's research, training and use of bamboo

"I would rather eat no meat, not live without bamboo. China is the world's research, training and use of bamboo, the first country. Literati love bamboo, bamboo kitchen love the elegant, noble, upright; people love bamboo, love it simple, practical, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo chair, bamboo mat, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture, bamboo, charcoal ...... modeling many different functions of bamboo products is quietly entered the household, and also travel on the sea, are exported to Japan, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions.

The merchandise exports of the road is not a smooth sailing in the economic development of globalization today, which export commodities suffered from quarantine issues and technical trade measures is the norm, bamboo products. The United States to bamboo products imported from China found vivo insect grounds that intends to export bamboo products in bamboo tableware China to take quarantine measures, namely, whether Chinese official phytosanitary certificate, import bamboo products must undergo mandatory quarantine treatment all quarantine treatment costs borne by the exporter. Once this measure become Quarantine Act, is bound to greatly increase the cost of exports, and dealt a heavy blow to the export of bamboo products.
Author: Zhejiang Anji Fenghui Bamboo Products And Garments Co. Ltd
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