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Tea bamboo products have many large tea tray

Tea bamboo products have many large tea tray, tea ceremony, small tea, tea needle. Although tea does not necessarily have to go with the tea tray arrangement of the tea ceremony, and even with tea tray, tea ceremony, and should be used and not necessarily bamboo tea tray,bamboo kitchen tea ceremony, but the bamboo tea utensils, bring you more mood and reveries.

Earlier bamboo tea tray is very particular about the style of antique Diao painting phoenix, and together with the the auspicious of flora and fauna pattern.bamboo box With the transformation of the consumer perspective, the first-tier cities, and some emerging urban consumers prefer the minimalist style tea ceremony. Such tea ceremony layout is really inseparable from the wide variety of bamboo tea utensils.

Original handmade bamboo tea ceremony tea, in addition to the bamboo tea tray, bamboo tea ceremony group, bamboo tea Xi, the character bamboo coasters, there are a variety of ideas and creative interpretation of the tea ceremony decorations: such as Japanese black bamboo fence tea tea ceremony bamboo screen, the original handmade Teapot care, natural tea strainer.
Author: Zhejiang Anji Fenghui Bamboo Products And Garments Co. Ltd
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