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The new car smell clever use of bamboo products eliminate the odor from the interior fabric

recently, many consumers told reporters reflect, and come back with the new car has a strong odor, and some is choking, what can be done to remove these odor.

    Dr. Xing vehicle,: new car smell from basic interior fabrics, such as the dashboard, seats and interior fabrics, does not rule out the vehicle at the factory when the car bamboo kitchen pile up other items with a pungent odor. Mentioned after the new car smell, you can try the following methods to remove.

    Less often window air conditioner new car smell mainly from parts and interior, new car off the assembly line have been tested, but the new car will always be some odor, so to keep the ventilation, Changchun temperatures sometimes reach 30 ° C, by car air conditioning, but it is recommended that new cars do not start off the air conditioning, multi-windows to keep the air circulation.

    Capable of selectively adsorbing harmful substances in the air with odor absorbing charcoal bamboo charcoal products, automotive beauty shops sell beautifully wrapped package of activated carbon, of course, can also produce their own, such as buy charcoal bamboo poles wrapped with gauze, put the car, the best prepare a few packs of charcoal are used interchangeably.

    Put fruits suction odor can choose a darker flavor of the fruit on the car in addition to taste, such as pineapple, orange, lemon, fresh fruit on the outlet, but the fruit need to be changed frequently. Do not use perfume instead of fruits in addition to smell, because of the perfume only serve to mask the smell, can not completely remove the odor.

    Rice vinegar in addition to remove car smell odor rice vinegar, the vinegar with water against adsorption of formaldehyde on the car, but if the owners of respiratory diseases, do not recommend using this method.
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