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"Low-carbon and environmental protection" is no small matter bamboo kitchenware become the new fashion

   Unprecedented upsurge of environmental awareness of citizens, bamboo products, green low-carbon, with minimal environmental impact, naturally became the first choice for environmentalists.
    Bamboo both green, environmental protection,bamboo crafts short growth cycle, and utilization of, is recognized as the ideal low-carbon industrial development object has a unique ecological and economic functions. Bamboo growth cycle is very short, generally as long as five years can become useful, moderate deforestation can also optimize the bamboo structure, high recycling efficiency, bamboo is an excellent carbon pool plant resources, carbon sequestration, 1 ha the pubescens years can solid carbon 12.75 tons, which is 1.46 times the fir, 1.33 times the rainforest,bamboo tableware 46.75 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to the absorption. Even bamboo raw materials processing and production of various products, such as furniture, household type, but also with carbon sequestration in the course continue to play its unique carbon sequestration performance.
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